valerie kaufmann


Valerie gained a Diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Winchester School of Art and, though earning a living in a different world of crafts – restoring antiques, she has continued to create sculptural ceramics; her work is popular with private collectors. Valerie has lived and worked in Kew since 1986 and finds much inspiration in the collections of the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, from which she has developed a variety of fruiting forms. She is also drawn to the coast and the sea and feels it is where her roots belong. Having grown up on the south coast, Valerie appreciates the wonder and power of the sea; and its influence can be appreciated in her ‘Wave Bowls’.

From 15th June 2020, examples of Valerie’s Wave Bowls can be viewed in The Riverside Gallery, 36 High Street, Barnes, SW13 9LP


Each piece is unique. Hand built forms are slab-built using her own plaster moulds. Additions are modelled, some pieces having details such as lace soaked in porcelain slip. The finished forms are decorated with slips and coloured engobes, followed by spray application of Valerie’s own mixed glazes as well as brush-on glazes. After firing to stoneware temperatures, some work is further embellished using lustres, including gold and platinum.

Shown in group exhibitions:

The Women’s Exhibition at the ICA, Mall Galleries.

Stables Gallery, Twickenham

‘Oil & Water’, Contemporary Art Gallery, Wandsworth, London

‘Gallery fifty five, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

‘Lovers Lights’, Twickenham

‘No Naked Walls’, Chertsey

‘The Morley Gallery’, London

‘Penwith Gallery’, St. Ives, Cornwall